Ghul Warrior


Freeman Tal – Ghul – Level 3 Warrior

HP: (17) 21
AC: 3 (4 without shield) + deflect
Alignment: Neutral


Str – 11
Dex – 10 (13 but – 3 for ghul)
Con – 16 (+2 bl. scale) (13 but +3 ghul) (4 HP rerolls, +1 hp/die (Warrior), 90% survival roll)
Sch – 13 (4 languages; literate in one; 1 ritual; 3 rumors; 1 spellcraft reroll/day)
Wil – 11
Pre – 12 (Max followers is 4)
Sta – 06 (Serf or peasant (underclass) upbringing)

Saves and Abilities

Fighting ability: standard
Death – 11
Paralysis – 12
Insanity – 13
Injury – 11
Domination – 14
Abilities – Con and Str bonuses

Ghul Abilities

+3 Con -3 Dex
+4 saves vs mind/soul affecting, poison, and disease
Tend to lose initiative
+3 hps
see through illusion

Fighter Abilities
Move quietly in light or no armor
Max damage is enemy is unaware of you
Awaken Intelligence

Least Machina Disruption
(1/1) Triumph of Discomfort
(1/) Flame’s Bounty
Least Undead Domination


With a horsehide cloak, Tal can turn into a horse for two hours every day.


Native, Trade (literate), Faerie, Lupine


Seth – Ship Captain (galley) – Tal’s father
Jonas – Peasant – yep
Boaz – Wandering Monk – from the monastery

Fighter Experience

Druid Experience

Samll Valuables
Belt pouch with 7 gp

For Barter
Leather ArmorX3

Rusted Rod of the Lake (magical) – Takes user up to the next ledge.
Shield (AC -1) (0.25 enc)
Heavy Armor (AC 4) (1 enc)
Longbow (2d6 pick higher) (0.25 enc)
2 small xbows
Sword (1d6)
2 day rations
2 bedrolls
1 large sack

Group Ammo List
short arrow quiver (20)
short arrow quiver (20)
short arrow quiver (16)
Tal: long arrow quiver (11)
small quarrel case (30)
small quarrel case (30)
small quarrel case (14)
Charles: sling stone pouch (34)
sling stone pouch (39)
sling stone pouch (40)

Equipment Backpack (on torchbearer)
2 rope (hemp)
grappling hook
2 large sack (cap 2 enc)
1 small sack (cap 1/2 enc)
hammer/spikes (10)
Shuttered Lantern (24/24 oil)
7 vials of oil
1 empty vial
1 vial of tree sap that burned F-tot
9 torches
10’ pole
mining pick
leather restraints

3X(0) + 0.25 + 1 = 1.5

Tal TO DO List
Finish 2nd Canoe
Build War Wagon
Jannei will investigate link b/t creature and F-tot

Decorate new pike with Druidy Symbols

Bly the lvl 1 Hin

Str: 9
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Sch: 10
Will: 8
Pre: 8
Sta: 11
HP: (5)5

11 gp
1 dagger
xbow w/ 7 xbow bolts
medium armor
Raspberry Beret (like the kind you find in a second hand store)
1 large sack

xp: 866
AC: 6/5

Jannai the lvl 2 Troll-Born Grey Mage

Str: 10
Dex: 12
Con: 10
Sch: 12
Will: 12
Pre: 9
Sta: 6
HP: (10)10
XP: 2500

Troll-born racials: +2 saves when in contact with earth, +1 cantrip, +1 hp, -1 to hit in daylight
Languages: Trollish

Spell Alignment: -2

Mottled brown and green robe.
1 large sack
Research: 115 gp towardsd something

Troll Abilities:
+1 hp, +2 to all saves when in contact with the earth, bonus cantrip, and -1 to hit and slower movement in sunlight

Healer Abilities:
Know herbs and some magical herbs.
With right herbs can bind wounds a second time on characters at end of day.
Healing rate doubled for resting characters under care of Jennai with right herbs.
Chance to make antidotes for venom or poison.

Lvl 0 (5 per day with one as racial)

(1/1) Regenerate Minor Wounds
(1/1) Kalen’s Ghostly Glowing
Smoothing Palm
Vapurial’s Venomous Verification
(1/1) The Chain of Fortuitous Fortune
Spirit of Servitude
(1/) Dweomercraft Unveiling
(1/1) Sands of Deep Slumber

Lvl 1 (2 per day)

Chaos Woven
Gloom’s Bright Banishment
The Purple Postponement of Primal Pain
Landscape of Runic Lore
(1/1) Awaken Ephemera
(1/1) Marcharius’s Soothing Mantle

Riki-tiki-tavi the Ferret!

Lvl 1 Warrior
HP: (5)5
AC: 7
Wealth: 2 gp
Damage: 1d3 continuous damage
xp: 1392
Str: 7
Dex: 11
Con: 12
Sch: 6
Pre: 8
Sta: 13

Combat abilities same as Kobold.

Yousef the lvl 1 Apostate of Hades

Str – 13
Con – 8
Dex – 11
Sch – 6
Will – 7
Pres – 8
Sta – 8
Wealth: 10 gp

lvl 0: Suppress the Simplistic Senses
Restrictions: No missle weapon other than a spear. Must wield a spear. must bury all dead with 2 gold coins in eyes.
HP: (5)6
Xp: 755
AC: 6

Long flowing locks with a mustache.
Medium Armor
large sack

Charles the Minotaur lvl 1 fighter

Str – 10
Con – 7
Dex – 9
Sch – 11
Pres – 7
Will – 7
Sta – 7
Wealth: 2gp
XP: 151
HP: (5)7

Minotaur Abilities – can charge for 2d6 pick higher damage / +2 hps

Cat-hide cloak (worth 50 gp)
Leather Armor
large sack

Biazin the Shield Bearer

Leather Armor
large sack

Ciazin the Shield Bearer

Leather Armor
large sack


The friends Shem and Tal grew up in the town of Hadash. Even though they were great friends, Tal was always jealous of the lifestyle Shem was born into. As a the son of a successful cloth merchant, Shem’s family always had a full table, comfortable beds, and could see the healer whenever someone got sick. Tal on the other hand was the son of a peasant laborer. Their family owned no land and just barely made enough to get by helping sow and reap the land of the local gentry. Their blankets were threadbare, their mattresses full of old straw, and if someone got sick… sleep and keeping warm had better be the cure. They usually had enough to eat if the harvest was good. On the bad years though Tal was forced to forage in the woods for whatever he could find. This was an extremely dangerous activity as who knows what was lurking in those dark woods… but it was better than starvation.

Shem was always kind to Tal inviting him to family meals and giving him gifts. That is until Shem… changed. He was different… he seem haggard… tortured… angry. When Tal confronted him about it, Shem just yelled at him to go away. Determined to find out what happened to his friend he went to see Shem’s little sister Sara. Being an opinionated, gossipy teenager she told him everything she knew and her thoughts on her brother’s behavior. She told him that Shem had some kind of nasty bite on his leg and wouldn’t talk about it. She figured there had been some brush with death and his withdrawal was his weird way of coping with the experience. She also said that some nights he will sneak out of the house while everyone was asleep and come back the next day. To that all she said was, “What a weird brother I have!” and left it at that.

Now Tal was intrigued. He wanted to know what his friend was doing in the woods in the middle of the night! For two weeks he stalked Shem’s house waiting for him to sneak out. One particularly bright night he was the front door of the house slowly open as to not make a sound. He saw Shem emerge and start walking purposefully toward the woods. Tal followed him undetected as he had learned to move silently from his years of stalking animals in the forest. Shem ventured far into the forest… much farther than Tal had ever been before. Finally Shem stopped in little clearing and… started removing his clothing? He stored them in a little sack and then stood there staring expectingly at the moon. Unable to contain his curiosity anymore Tal walked out in the clearing and asked, “Shem, what the hell are you into?!”. Shem’s face took at look of shock which quickly changed to a look of fear. “Tal get out of here! It’s not safe to be around me!”. Then it happened… Shem started to change. Tal was terrified but couldn’t move… he just watched in a horrified trance as his friend transformed into the beast of legend.

It growled and started loping toward Tal. In the shock of sheer terror the monkey hind-brain of Tal took over and moved his body to the nearest tree to escape… but it was too far away… just too far away… Tal felt teeth… Tal felt agony… Tal felt nothing.

When Shem came back to his senses he immediately knew what the wolf had done… what he had done. He wandered numb until he came upon what the wolf had done… what he had done. There was his childhood friend Tal lying with his throat torn open. Surprisingly the wolf had not devoured the corpse. Maybe it knew it would be too much for its human counterpart… to both kill and eat his friend. Or maybe it was just distracted by a rabbit. Shem would never know the reason. Then the guilt came as he knew it would. His friend dead! By his hand! The crushing guilt knowing that he had selfishly allowed the wolf to live when he could have taken his own life. “I can’t let this be… I have to fix this…” he whispered to no one in particular.

Shem carried his friend all the way back to town and covered him under some leaves near the edge of the forest. He went home and spent the day with his family as best he could. They didn’t know it but he was saying goodbye. That night he removed the stone in the fireplace that hid the family’s life savings. “I’ll pay them back” he muttered as he stole enough to get his friend raised as a ghul. It wasn’t a perfect fix but this was the best he could do. He bought a rickety wooden cart and hauled his friend to the next town where he paid for the raising.


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